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Against Climate Change

Launched by British explorer David Hempelman-Adams and Mars Gaming, the Mars Gaming Northabout Expedition is a cultural and travel endeavor which intends to raise awareness of the need to fight this 21st century threat and declare the Arctic a Global Sanctuary.


To achieve this, a multi-disciplinary expert team will travel on the sailboat Northabout, and attempt to sail in unprecedented latitudes for this kind of vessel. They will also explore places unseen, and document the impact of global warming on ecosystems and Inuit life.

In the last thirty years we have lost three quarters of the floating ice layer, and 2017 is on its way to become the warmest year in history. Climate Change not only threatens Arctic species and cultures, but the whole planet.

Find a way or make one.


Miguel Gutierrez Garitano
Miguel Gutiérrez Garitano is a historian, writer and explorer. For the last fifteen years he has been part of and led many expeditions to tropical and dessert areas while carrying out journalistic work in remote areas and conflict zones. His travels have resulted in books – five so far -, and dozens of articles and contributions to radio, press and television. He has been awarded the Premio de Literatura de Viajes Camino del Cid – Europe’s most prestigious travel literature award – in 2011, and a Mikel Essery award in 2012, among others. In 2015 and 2016 he led the Mars Gaming expeditions in Peru, in which the several Incan ruins, like those of a sanctuary in a, like those of Vilcabamba mountain, were discovered.

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Rafael Gutiérrez Garitano is a photojournalist, explorer and war correspondent currently working for El Correo journal. A passionate traveler and renowned photographer, his work has been featured in press and media, as well in book covers. He has earned recognition through photo contests, being awarded the Camino de Hierro and the Spanish National Award in the Sony World Photography Awards, one of the most prestigious and participative competitions worldwide. He co-directed the Mars Gaming expeditions to Peru which resulted in the discovery of an Inca sanctuary in Vilcabamba.

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Besides its main purpose of raising Climate Change awareness, the expedition has set itself the following goals:


Thousands of people have climbed Mount Everest, and several hundreds have been to both poles; but only a few have reached 81º latitude on a sailboat without getting trapped by ice.

Mars Gaming Northabout Expedition intends to break this record to denounce with actions the quick retreat of the ice field.

To do this they will navigate unfriendly iceberg-filled seas, and face the possibility of being trapped by ice. The path chosen is through the Nares Strait. The starting point, Qanaaq (Greenland).



The expedition will also travel overland, as a team of explorers will try to reach the North Geomagnetic Pole – the center of the Earth’s magnetic field – located this year in Ellespere Island (Canada), amidst glaciers and untouched peaks which the team intends to climb.

If successful, this would be the first time in history a Spanish team reaches the North Geomagnetic Pole.

The Geomagnetic Pole in the Agassiz ice cap.


A real “gate to the white hell”, the Nares Strait was the chosen route for countless historical expeditions trying to reach the North Pole by sea, as it was erroneously believed that a warm sea would be found across the ice barrier. This led to great tragedies and epic tales.

Experts in the history of expeditions will travel with the team; the Northabout will retrace the steps of other historical expeditions like those led by Greely, Peary, Ross Nares, etc.

Some of these places have remained unvisited for over a century.

A book will result from this voyage which will give an account of the history of expeditions as well as the highlights from the Mars Gaming Northabout Challenge.



The team will chart places previously covered by ice and send the results to scientific institutions. They will also carry out journalistic work on the impact of Climate Change both on Inuit culture in settlements like Grise Fiord and Qanaaq and on Nares Strait flora and wildlife.

Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.




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